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Chronixx, Cocoa Tea, Romain Virgo to perform at Buju Banton’s concert next month

February 11, 2019
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Chronixx, Cocoa Tea, Romain Virgo to perform at Buju Banton’s concert next month

By Jamaica Star

Courtesy of

Buju Banton

(JAMAICA STAR) — Reggae artistes Chronixx, Cocoa Tea, Etana, Ghost and Romain Virgo have been listed as some of the friends who will perform with Buju Banton at his Long Walk To Freedom concert on March 16.

The concert, which will be held at the National Stadium in Kingston, will be Buju’s first performance on local soil in more than a decade. Grammy-winning artiste returned to Jamaica last December after spending eight years in a United States federal prison on drug-related charges.

Buju’s son, Jahzeil, Delly Ranks, Agent Sasco and LUST are also slated to perform at the concert.

“These are the ones performing, but the ‘and friends’ is still there,” the artiste’s publicist Ronnie Tomlinson, said.

As for the man of the hour, she said that Banton was very active in helping to curate the line-up.

“He’s definitely in high spirits for the show,” she said.

“We know he’s looking forward to a 90-minute set, but there might be more time based on conversations we’ve had,” Tomlinson said.

She said that the artiste is working hard to make sure his highly-anticipated presentation is perfect for his fans.

“I can definitely say that he is excited. He’s really anticipating the performance. Rehearsals are going on, and he always wants to go to rehearsal, to make sure everything is right.”

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Ninja Man

April 26, 2017

ninja man shy paris bookings


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ninja Man
Birth name Desmond John Ballentine


Also known as Don Gorgon, Gun Gorgon, Gun Pon Teeth, Bro Desmond
Born January 24, 1966 (age 51)
Origin Saint Mary Parish, Jamaica
Genres Reggae
Occupation(s) Deejay
Instruments Vocals


Desmond John Ballentine (born January 20, 1966), better known as Ninjaman, and sometimes as Don Gorgon is a popular Jamaicandancehalldeejay and actor, known for his controversial and pro-gun lyrics and his stuttering and melodramatic style. Ninjaman is currently out on bail awaiting trial for a murder that was committed in Kingston, Jamaica.

Ninija Man Shy Paris Entertainment


Born in Annotto Bay, Jamaica, Ballentine moved to Kingston at the age of 12. He launched his deejay career with the Black Culture Sound System at age 14 as “Double Ugly”. In 1980, he joined the Killamanjaro sound system, there got the chance to learn from established deejays Super Cat and Early B, and released his debut single as “Uglyman”. Yet another name change made him the now well known Ninjaman.In 1987, Ninjaman recorded – and produced himself – his first hit single “Protection”, a duet with Courtney Melody. The following years brought many prolific collaborations with producers like King Jammy, Lloyd Pickout Dennis, Witty, Xterminator, Philip “Fatis” Burrell, Redman, Ini Kamoze, Bobby Digital, Augustus “Gussie” Clarke, and Steely & Clevie and Henry “Junjo” Lawes. It has been said that Ninjaman comes up with all of his lyrics on the spot in the recording studio, in a freestyle manner.

His hits over the years 1989-1992, like “Murder Dem”, “Permit to Bury” and “Above the Law” reinforced Ninjaman’s image of a violent rude boy. One of his most infamous rivalries (besides the ongoing quarrels with Flourgon and Super Cat) was the one with Shabba Ranks, leading to a number of clashes.

Ninija Man Shy Paris Entertainment

In 1993, criticism of Ninjaman’s violent and pro-gun lyrics arose, leading to a decline in performing gigs and chances to record.

By 1997, Ninjaman had changed his name once again, now performing gospel reggae songs as “Brother Desmond”. He sought help to fight his crack cocaine addiction in born again Christianity.

In March 2009, Ninjaman, along with his son Janiel, was arrested and charged in connection with a murder of Ricardo Johnson on Marl Road, Kingston, Jamaica. He was granted bail for the sum of JD$2,000,000 in March 2012, and was scheduled to appear in court 15 July 2012. At least 58 jurors were needed for the start of the trial but only 15 showed up. The trial was rescheduled to start in April 2015, but was again postponed and rescheduled to start in January 2016.

In 2015 he parted ways with Downsound Records and opened his own Picture Frame Studio on Blackwood Terrace in Kingston.



  • Number One
  • Glad Me Release (1986)
  • Send Threat To Me (1988)
  • Slackness Done (1988)
  • Stumbling Block/Sixteen (1988)
  • Superstar (1988)
  • Big Showdown (1990)
  • Kill Them And Done (1990)
  • Murder Dem (1990)
  • My Weapon (1990)
  • Out Pon Bail (1990)
  • The Last Of Flourgan (1990)
  • Warning You Now (1990)
  • Zig It Up (1990)
  • Bring Them All To Jesus (1991)
  • Bunty Hunter (1991)
  • Dirt Heart (1991)
  • Excuse Me (1991)
  • From Mi Hold Him (1991)
  • Gunman (1991)
  • John Law (1991)
  • Mandela Come (1991)
  • Permit To Bury (1991)
  • Step Aside (1991)
  • Sunsplash (Don Gorgon) (1991)
  • Target Practice (1991)
  • Ting A Ling A Ling A School Pickney Sing Ting (1992)
  • Hardcore Killing (1993)
  • Original Front Tooth Gold Tooth Gun Pon Tooth Don Gorgon! (1993)
  • Run come test (1993)
  • Artical Don (1994)
  • Booyakka Booyakka (1994)
  • Hollow Point Bad Boy… (1994)
  • Jungle Move (Remarc Remix) (1995)
  • Ninja Man Mega Mix (2000)
  • Anything Test Dead (2001)
  • When It Done/Mad Again (2004)

ninja man dancehall shypariseentertainment

Admiral Tibet Artist Booking Info Celebrities Dancehall Artists

Admiral Tibet

April 16, 2017


Admiral Tibet

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Admiral Tibet
Birth name Kenneth Allen
Also known as Mr. Reality
Born 1960
St. Mary, Jamaica
Genres Dancehall, ragga
Years active late 1970s – present


Admiral Tibet (sometimes Tibett), also known as “Mr. Reality” (born Kenneth Allen, Freehill, Saint Mary, Jamaica, 1960)[is a Jamaicandancehall singer known for his “cultural” lyrics.



Tibet was one of the few artists from the early days of digital reggae to focus on “conscious” themes in his lyrics. A member of the Twelve tribes of Israel since his youth.He has been described as “the most consistently conscious singer of his age”.[4] Allen described how he got his nickname: “I was going primary school and my cousin, both of us were sitting together looking into an atlas, and saw the name ‘Tibet’. My cousin took it as a mockery and seh ‘Tibet! Tibet!’ and it stuck.

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Admiral Tibet began performing in Jamaican clubs and with sound systems during his teens, including his local Torpedo system. He made his first recordings when he was in his 20s; a reluctance to move to Kingston played a part in this. He eventually made the move in 1982.In 1985, Tibet made his first recording for producer Sherman Clacher, entitled “Babylon War”, Shortly after this he began recording for Winston Riley, Redman, King Jammy and Bobby Digital.

His debut album Come Into the Light was produced by King Jammy and released in 1987. He recorded several more albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He appeared at the Reggae Sunsplash festival in 1989. He was less prolific in the 1990s but returned with more albums in the 2000s, and is still performing in the late 2000s.

His hit “Serious Time” was later issued in remixed form with contributions from two-time Grammy winner Shabba Ranks and Ninjaman, signalling a reconciliation between the two deejays who had been bitter rivals for some time.

His voice has been described: “at its best has a convincing, vulnerable quality entirely suited to sufferers’ laments.”


  • Come Into the Light (1987) Live & Love
  • The Time is Going to Come (1988) Puppy
  • War In Babylon (1988) RAS
  • Two Good to be True (1990) Blue Mountain (with Thriller U)
  • Reality Time (1991) Digital B/VP
  • Separate Class (1991) Digital B/VP
  • Excitement (1995) Musidisc
  • Weeping & Mourning (1997) Melodie
  • Time Is Going to Come (1999) Rhino
  • Try To Reach The Top (2000) Brick Wall
  • Things That You Do (2000) TP
  • Fire Fire Burning (2002) Heartbeat (with Michael Rose)
  • Determination (2003-01-03) Humal
  • Time Alone Will Tell (2003) Artists Only
  • Running from Reality (2006) Super Power
  • Gone nowhere(2015) EarlyDays Records, France

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Gadahfii collaborates with veteran producer for authentic music

April 16, 2017
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Gadahfii collaborates with veteran producer for authentic music

by Curtis Campbell

Reggae artiste Gadahfii has released a new EP titled ‘Bag of Money’ which was produced by iconic producer Hansel Collins, known for the Stalag rhythm which broke hits like ‘Bam Bam’ by Sister Nancy and ‘Ring The Alarm’ by Tenor Saw.

Gadahfii’s EP will feature songs like All the Time, Jamaica and Chiney Jamaica. He also revealed that working with the iconic Collins has helped to mould his grasp on creating authentic Jamaican music,

“I am bringing back authentic reggae and dancehall like the days of the ’80s and ’90s. However, I will also put a new twist to it. I love every genre and I am inspired by even the instruments, so people will recognise and see that effect in my work. I have been getting good reception and a lot of people love the fact that I deliver a live-band type of music. So the response is very loud,” he said.

Gadahfii believes reggae is the world’s most powerful genre due to its powerful messages and its ability to reach persons who are far removed from the immediate Jamaican culture.

He, however, wants improvement in marketing, use of the Internet, management and streaming. He also advised young Jamaican talent to development their networking and performing skills.

“Jamaica is lacking in bands, so you need to work on performing and start a band. I am aiming at the highest level with my music. I am an international product and I am looking to do songs with rock stars and rap stars,” he said.

Courstey of

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Mr Vegas, Glacia Robinson Talk ‘I’m Delivered

February 9, 2017
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Mr Vegas, Glacia Robinson Talk ‘I’m Delivered

Published:Wednesday | February 8, 2017 | 12:14 AMCecelia Campbell -Livingston

Listening to converted dancehall artiste Vegas as he sings the first track, I’m Delivered, from his upcoming album, Soul Therapy, forces you to pay attention! There is soul and passion and the effect is complete when gospel powerhouse Glacia Robinson adds her vocals to it.

In an interview with The Gleaner, both spoke about the ‘hook up’ and working together. Robinson said her journey with Vegas started years ago when he reached out to her.

“Since then, we have maintained an authentic connection. We shared much along the way through words of encouragement and lots of prayer. From time to time, we would share snippets of our upcoming recording projects; we kept each other posted on our demanding travel schedules,” she said.

They would also talk about life and the importance of living on purpose and fulfilling God’s destiny and calling for one’s life.

For Vegas’ part, he said although he had knew of her for years, it wasn’t until he came across her story three years ago, when she shared her testimony that he told himself he had to get in contact with her and he did.


“Since then, she has been sending me emails, praying for me, encouraging me, to this day. She is my sister-in-Christ and one of the most humble human beings I’ve ever worked with,” he said, adding that when he reached out to her to be a part of Soul Therapy she didn’t hesitate for a minute. “We were up all hours of the night, sending each other voice notes with melodies. I sent her a voice note with an idea for the song that I wanted her to collaborate on. The song was unfinished, so I told her that it was just an idea and if she liked the concept, she should build on it,” related Vegas.

He said in a matter of minutes Robinson wrote the lyrics, composed the melody and the music for the outstanding sections of the song. “Not only that, she incorporated Emerson Ally, who is her manager and one of her producers, and in no time, he charted and recorded the music.

They both produced and arranged the song and then sent it to me. We went into the studio and the end result is, I’m Delivered,” said the artiste born Clifford Smith.

For Robinson, it was absolute fun working with Vegas on the single for his debut album. She describes it as “natural as breathing”.

Vegas is not ruling out the opportunity for more collabs with Robinson, known for popular songs such as, Hold My Hand Today, It’s Not Over Now and You Carry Me.

“I will definitely want to be on her album, so yes, I think we will work on other projects,” he said. Robinson said she has some amazing collaborations in the pipeline with artistes from Canada, Jamaica, Norway, USA and Nigeria.

“God keeps giving me songs, and it’s my pleasure to submit them for others to sing. Along with the solo projects and collaborations, I am writing and composing inspirational songs for various artistes in the secular and gospel industry,” she shared.

Among the other tracks on Vegas’ Soul Therapy are, We Need You Now, Glory and The Keys. The album is slated to be released later this month.

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