ignyte shy paris

  • RELEASE DATE /May, 04 2016
  • CATALOG /Jamaica Run
  • LABEL /Secret Rival Music
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / CD

How Jamaica Run Tracks

Track Hilights

Ignyte recently linked with Secret Rival Music in Kingston Jamaica and released his debut EP How Jamaica A Run with 7 tracks/. IgNyte is back on the road touring, while recording his new album and performing some of the tracks for the public. No Turning Back!

Amazing Reviews

After back in the USA for another decade in 2011 IgNyte came back to Jamaica and linked with Mackie Conscious in Montego Bay where he started to write and sing again. He did Music Alone Shall Live; Life To The Fullest: Tick Tock and Step To Me. The video for Step To Me is on YouTube. IgNyte also collaborate with USA gospel artist AR who now becomes Benar Production after releasing its first album Don’t Be Deceived by AR.

– IgNyte/strong>