Gadahfii collaborates with veteran producer for authentic music


Gadahfii collaborates with veteran producer for authentic music

by Curtis Campbell

Reggae artiste Gadahfii has released a new EP titled ‘Bag of Money’ which was produced by iconic producer Hansel Collins, known for the Stalag rhythm which broke hits like ‘Bam Bam’ by Sister Nancy and ‘Ring The Alarm’ by Tenor Saw.

Gadahfii’s EP will feature songs like All the Time, Jamaica and Chiney Jamaica. He also revealed that working with the iconic Collins has helped to mould his grasp on creating authentic Jamaican music,

“I am bringing back authentic reggae and dancehall like the days of the ’80s and ’90s. However, I will also put a new twist to it. I love every genre and I am inspired by even the instruments, so people will recognise and see that effect in my work. I have been getting good reception and a lot of people love the fact that I deliver a live-band type of music. So the response is very loud,” he said.

Gadahfii believes reggae is the world’s most powerful genre due to its powerful messages and its ability to reach persons who are far removed from the immediate Jamaican culture.

He, however, wants improvement in marketing, use of the Internet, management and streaming. He also advised young Jamaican talent to development their networking and performing skills.

“Jamaica is lacking in bands, so you need to work on performing and start a band. I am aiming at the highest level with my music. I am an international product and I am looking to do songs with rock stars and rap stars,” he said.

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