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Rohan Lee is JAH SHINING SUN” ROHAN LEE. A Rasta man coming out of Rockfort, one of the cradles of reggae music.

A true born Rasta man, his authenticity made obvious by the words he speaks, his actions and his music.

Furthermore, he is a talented singer, songwriter, composer, musician and teacher. The likes of which has not been seen or heard throughout the reggae industry in Jamaica since the Great Bob Marley. Rohan Lee writes authentic and original reggae songs, roots and culture in the true sense of the word. This translates into authentic rhythms, shaped into creative arrangements. His lyrics come straight from the heart, and are inspired by the singer’s habitat, the dilapidated communities in the southeast of Kingston.

There, Rohan “at a tender age” familiarized himself with the nyahbinghi drums of the Mystic Revelations of rastafari, a collection of musicians who have laid the foundations of reggae music long ago, inspired countless Jamaican superstars through the decades and have been touring with increasing success throughout Europe the last couple of years. In the spring of 1998 Rohan and The mystic Revelation embarked in the Old World for a series of concerts in France, Switzerland, Denmark and Italy. It was his first introduction to a public that – compared to Jamaica – far prefers the “classical” reggae to it’s’ dancehall offspring.

This is of course, the main reason for Rohan to be largely ignored in his own habitat. Electronic, prefabricated rhythms have dominated the Jamaican airwaves for the last 15 years and in the yard, nobody is really waiting for the next Bob Marley anymore. Ironically, the king of Reggae is the only person to whom Rohan Lee could be compared.

He also radiates love and trust, sharply contrasted by his often bitter lyrics about poverty and injustice, and just like the old master he can captivate and silence the crowd all by himself, singing and playing pure reggae with only his guitar as an accompaniment. Just like Bob Marley he writes songs that linger in your mind for days “All Clean Cut Hits” which even children listen and sing effortlessly.

After the tour with Mystic Revelation, in the summer of 98, Rohan did a number of club-gigs in Belgium. At reggae 98, the Mega-festival in Geel with over 15,000 patrons he concluded the afternoon-programme, Leaving with one of the most memorable performance and making a huge impression on all who was present, connoisseurs and laymen alike, irie or sober.

These performances had such a beautiful and convincing quality, which prompted the European Reggae Foundation to bring Rohan over to Europe in 1999 for a second stint in summer gigs. With the aspiration of bringing him a step closer to the international recognition he so richly deserves and, of course, to bring us the message of Rastafari, the half that’s never been told.

Some of the people who were impressed by Rohan’s performance in Geel were a couple of Dutch reggae musicians who used to be part of a roots band called The Vibe. Through the mystic of rastafari they were inspired to start playing Rohan’s song from a tape he had sent them. By the time he had arrived in Europe, the band had already found a name “The Recipe” and had reached a level that no other continental had ever even come close to.

Classic tight Rhythm sections, excellent guitar work, mittoo-like keyboards and a great horns section: The recipe created a sound that can only be described by using the names of some of reggaes very greatest, even more powerful and beautiful than even Rohan Lee himself had ever imagined. July 23, 1999, the 109th anniversary of his Imperial Majesty Haile King Sellasie I , Emperor Of Ethiopia, King of Kings , Lords of Lords, The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Rohan Lee and The Recipe played their very first show, The first in a series of eight that impressed thousands of people in Belgium and Holland.

Classic Roots Reggae has found a new messenger.

It was famous Belgian singer Cocojr. (who recorded an album with Sly and Robbie himself a couple of years ago) who joined Rohan and the band in the studio to record his First “5 star” and one of his greatest compilation with some of the most beautiful, authentic and refreshing reggae releases of the nineties and up to this day one of the most inspirational classic reggae albums today which took his carrier on a completely new level.

Rohan Lee spent most of his time up to 2002 doing small gigs and shows while his album grew and strengthen on an international level. 2002 – 2003 he was off the scene spending his time meditating and re-forming to re-enter the scene. He went back to Europe between Belgium and Holland and did a few shows throughout Belgium and Holland with his Friends band “The Might Pirates” which is also from Belgium consisting of a group of well known Musicians and artiste which have been together for over 25 years.

Yet In 2005 he led a team of singers, percussionists, d.j.s’ and selectors to do a work shop in England. He repeated the same program in 2006 due to special request and also because of his musical expertise. The organizers and promoters actual requested a longer stay for him to allow him to work in schools, community centers and both organizing and working with some organized groups that had already existed.

2007 the real work began once again with the return to Europe “Belgium” and linked up with his Brethrens and started his new album Entitled “Crush The Rock” to be released between 2008-2009, featuring new great single such as “Crush The Rock and No Easy Way Out” which will also be followed by tracks such as “Mocking Bird” and “Mr. Rich Quick”

Reggae has been an inspiration and with music such as Rohan Lee’s album, reggae has found it’s way again. One Love and Jah Live.

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Releases New and Old

When a very close friend Peter Boudewijns of Recording Studio Ebony in Zwijndrecht (B) got some of the best reggae musicians together all from Belgium to do the recordings of this authentic roots classic. 20 musicians worked on this recordings to make it a very fantastic record.

The likes of which has never been heard or seen since long time.
In 2010 Rohan Lee returned to Europe and finished the recordings which was long awaited by the general public, his fans and friends.

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After His spiritual Rejuvenation (as he refers to it), in the mid 2000’s to Rastafarian ways of life in Spanish Town. It wasn’t easy… a drastic shift from a mindset of vigilante justice to true justice, which is (God fearing justice).the good friends around him whom he refers to as brothers and also his family, uncles, aunties, cousins brothers & sisters supported him. They might have not been directly there but they were there! Stated Ablaze.

A son from a family of 8 children, he became more observant of music, its genres & its way of expression. he became driven with a sense of purpose to write and perform music. He made the drastic move to conscious music/lyrics with a newly innate intention to help the youths of today through word, sound and power. He put the music a side for a while during this spiritual transformation era and began working on Self/philanthropy. It was slow but never failing.

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