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Queen Ifrica is a reggae singer who hails from Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Queen Ifrica was born Ventrice Morgan on March 25th 1975 to ska legend Derrick Morgan, so music was always in her blood.

Her career began in 1995 when she entered and won a local talent competition at Club Inferno in Montego Bay. This success gave her the motivation to focus on a serious career and so she began to perform more often at small scale events.

It was at one such event in 1998, honouring the late Garnett Silk, that Tony Rebel heard her soothing vocals and immediately asked her to join his Flames Production camp. This proved to be a baptism of fire as shortly after joining the group, they went on to perform in the internationally known Reggae Sumfest that same year in her hometown. She managed to captivate the audience and finished her performance with a rousing applause.

From 1998 she began working with Tony Rebel’s Flames productions and she has gone on to perform all over the world in music festivals including Reggae on the River in California and Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica. Queen Ifrica, royal empress, also known as Fyah Muma, took the music world by surprise, when in 1995 she turned on a scorcher of a performance in a talent contest at the aptly named Club Inferno in Montego Bay.

The Queen beat all other contestants to win by a landslide. Her baptism in the business included a performance on Reggae Sumfest’s Singer’s Nite; coming onstage after a blazing set by Buju Banton, Queen Ifrica was not overawed by the occasion, but succeeded in commanding a good reception to her message.

Queen Ifrica joined the Flames Production camp in 1998 when, at a show in honour of the late Garnett Silk, Tony Rebel hearing the clean vocals and the unmistakable quality of her performance, asked her to join the Flames camp. Since then, she has worked her way up to being one of the premier female cultural reggae artists in the business. Queen’s stage craft, her repertoire, and her total artist development have bloomed over the years, ultimately making her into a staple in cultural reggae events around the world.

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[vc_column_textQueen has had several of her recordings become a staple on the airwaves, from the ever popular “Randy” to “Boxers and Stockings”. Queen Ifrica’s music resonates with conscious, purifying energy. She remains grounded in her way of life, her community and her children. She has a strong social consciousness, supporting her words with actions by being an active participant in several community outreach activities. Included in this is her work on the Committee for Community in the heart of Kingston’s inner-city, particularly the S-Corner community in Kingston 13. The United Nations’ celebration of the Year of the Volunteers in 2001 saw her teaming with Tony Rebel and others to deliver a song recognized by the United Nations as a gem.


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Much like certain R&B vocalists who can rap as proficiently as they sing, Queen Ifrica is both a proficient singer and a proficient toaster — and like some of the neo-soul singers who have been affected by both classic soul and hip-hop, Queen Ifrica has been greatly influenced by reggae’s classic era (the ’60s and ’70s) but also has a strong appreciation of the more modern dancehall recordings of the ’90s and 2000s.

Queen Ifrica, however, has steered clear of the hedonism, gun talk, and gangsta imagery that have been common in dancehall; her more sociopolitical lyrics have reflected her Rastafarian beliefs, although she has also performed her share of lovers rock (reggae that has romantic lyrics rather than sociopolitical or spiritual lyrics).

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